Studioso eases student frustration and facilitates the lives of teachers.

Teacher-Student Communication
Easily specify weekly practice objectives for your students. Students are empowered to utilize practice time efficiently with a clear understanding of your expectations.

Efficient Student Practice
Perfect practice is the key to mastery. Students use our Technique Library, written entirely by music teachers, to practice correctly and efficiently.

Student Accountability
At a tap, check on students' practice and progress. Students are motivated and your lessons are well informed with comprehensive progress visualization.

The Studioso Solution

The Studioso App connects music teachers to their students. Students practice with efficiency, correct technique, and structure. Teachers and students can track progress. Students have access to our Technique Library, a collection of practice techniques written entirely by teachers. The combination of clear communication, efficient practice, and student accountability, allows the teacher to focus on artistry rather than sufficiency. Students are more motivated and successful when they have all the tools they need to master their instrument. The app is compatible for all teachers, students, and instruments!

For Students

Studioso™ for Student, enables students to view weekly objectives, practice with structure and efficiency, and to track progress and practice. The student app is completely integrated with the teacher app, enabling teachers to assign weekly objectives and view progress. However, the app also works without a "paired" teacher, so that students can take advantage of Studioso personally. Students can create their own weekly objectives and motivate themselves with detailed progress and practice tracking. With or without a teacher, the Studioso™ App empowers student to achieve their goals.

For Teachers

Studioso for Teacher, features a functional, streamlined design, to maximize teacher efficiency and facilitate communication with students. Teachers may manage individual (private) students and groups from the teacher app. They can view student/group progress and practice charts. Additionally, if the teacher utilizes recording assignments in their lesson plan, our app facilitates this through the Recording Assignment and Assignment Grader functions. This eliminates the need for annoying third part recorders such as AudioBoom.