Use The Studioso Solution For Your Music Classroom

You can Use The Studioso Solution For Your Classroom. Set Studioso up in 5 minutes. Studioso is an app that connects music teachers to their students. With Studioso, students practice with efficiency, correct technique, and structure. This is The Studioso Solution.

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Studioso takes less than 5 minutes to set up! Check our "Getting Started" guide!

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Artistry Over Sufficiency

Studioso makes sure students have the practice methods to succeed. That way, teachers can focus on teaching musicality rather than helping students only grasp the basics. With Studioso both student and private and public teachers get to bring their classroom into the 21st century.

Structured Practice

During each practice session, your instructions, relevant practice techniques, and a timer are all visible!

Technique Library

Students have access to our Technique Library, a collection of practice methods and techniques written entirely by teachers.

Clear Communication

Communicate weekly objectives, divided into warmups and repertoire, to your students. They will see your instructions when they practice. Studioso allows student to practice what the teacher assigned using our Weekly Objective feature. Allows for clean clear communication.


Students receive objectives and updates immediately with a notification to remind them. Setup an account in 5 minutes or less. Create groups and pair students and classrooms to a teacher in under 10 minutes. Students and teacher get notifications for groups, objectives assignments and pairing request which create fast communication.


You can easily read, edit, and create objectives, assignments, test and recordings for your students, ensembles or sections This creates clear communication communication between groups, classes, sections and on an student teacher basis.

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Streamline your music classroom

Make your music classroom more efficient manage individual students and ensembles with ease. Bring your music classroom or private music teaching institution into the 21st century with The Studioso Solution.

Manage students, ensembles and sections.

Check the progress, assign objectives, assignments and tests to any of your band/orchestra/choir ensembles or sections and manage a classroom with ease.

Create accountability and improve your classroom

Manage students anywhere! This allows teachers to assign tests, objectives, and practice sessions at home or on the go. Student can practice and test at home or on the go. Track their practice and progress with our Progress Tracker!

Individual Student

Most of student frustration comes from lack of progress. Teachers can manage that with Studioso is making the student dropout rate of music classes less. Our mission is to change the music classroom for the better.

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Progress Visualization

Both teachers and students can track weekly progress at the tip of their fingers. View practice charts, progress percentage, and total practice hours. Students are motivated and teachers are informed.

Track Group Progress

Check the progress of your band/orchestra/choir ensembles.

Individual Student Progress

Track practice and progress of your individual students.

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Happy Users

Join Studioso's innovative first-adopters in integrating technology into your classroom.

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I've just started using Studioso with my students and I've already seen an improvement in their preparedness every rehearsal.

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Studioso was the easiest way to integrate technology into my middle school orchestra. My students are more engaged and focused during rehearsal.


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