At Studioso, we believe that for Music Education to remain relevant in today's digital age, it must adopt technological methods to improve student efficiency and motivation. There is no doubt that music education is an intellectually uplifting experience for millions of students around the world. However, it can also be frustrating when students fail to reach their goals. Studioso believes this problem can be solved with technology. We have been creating a smartphone application that connects teachers to their students, optimizes student practice, and enables both the teacher and student to visualize practice progress. We believe that technological integration has the potential to improve music education for both teacher and student. However, we are wary of competitors that attempt to disregard the rich tradition of music education. Newly created services have attempted to replace teachers or diminish their role in the classroom/studio. At Studioso, we believe that the music teacher can not and will not be replaced. Although youtube tutorials have helped many students attempting to self-teach themselves, they are no substitute for a real music teacher. Any innovation in music education must be student centered and empowering for the teacher. We are confident that the Studioso app does just that. Request a Demo to see for yourself!