Music is perhaps the most dynamic art there is.

The multifaceted aspect of music ranges from intellectual stimulus to a deeper, more connected way to tell a story. When you look at the classical, timeless masterpieces of classical composers, to the pop music that brings people together today, there has never been an art with a more profound impact on society. According to Colin Barras (BBC), the earliest musical instruments have been found at around 40,000 years old. It is the timeless art from ancient times, and will be present for as long as humanity exists.


At Studioso, we can put our backs behind this belief. Music has been around almost as long as we have. It is the defining art that distinguishes us as humans. It is safe to assume that all humans have, or will be exposed to and impacted by music at some point in their life. Many view it as a luxury. At Studioso, we believe it is a necessity.

A society without music is a society without beauty.

However, there are only a minority of musical lovers that go on to the next step: learning how to create music themselves.

Creating music is markedly different from simply enjoying it in multiple ways. Musicians have the ability to express their creativity and to convey a message to their audience, be it a story, a theme, or a mutual understanding. Creating music yourself allows you to enjoy it even more. Performing your piece is a truly beautiful moment personally, and for the audience. Creating music is a cognitive art. It requires skill, thoughtfulness, and creativity. Music creation is a sandbox of creativity, a universe you can hear.