There is something majestic about music.

When you feel the power, the impossibly strong emotions surging through you when you pick up your instrument, anything seems possible. It is the uniter of all people. No matter what your age, gender, race, nationality, or identity, music is something that you can enjoy. Music education is education of the mind, body, and heart. Music teachers are the conductors of this powerful force.



We live in a changing world of political turmoil and endless chaotic media influences. Studioso believes the refuge from such mind-exhausting rhetoric is with the beauty of music. With all of the malice in the present, we need music, one of the creative arts, in order to send out positive energy around the world and into the cosmos.

Studioso’s mission is to create an environment in which the fostering of this art is made easier, more efficient, and more fun. The Studioso team understands the importance of music in the modern world. As technology begins to absorb our everyday lives, our mission is to adapt to such changing circumstances and use technology to the advantage of music, as opposed to bringing attention away from it. Our goal is to streamline the music learning process in such a way that everyone can enjoy, learn, and benefit from music, anywhere, and any time.