About the Technique Library

What you need to know about Studioso trademark feature!

Our Technique Library is trademark tech

Techniques Meets Trademark Tech

The Technique Library is a music digital collaborative space for teachers and student alike. Teacher and Students can submit a technique via Studioso's website. The Technique Library is Studioso’s trademark teaching tools. Our Library allows teachers to utilize already created, submitted and vetted techniques to use in their classroom -pre-made and ready to go teaching material, techniques and form improvements. When a technique is submitted that technique is vetted by Studioso’s professionals, then uploaded to the store of our patented techniques. Both teachers and students can search for a technique by tag, rating, technique name, or the content inside the technique. These techniques can contain images and/or text and can be used in both objectives and practice sessions. These techniques are ordered by rating category, tag, and instrument. Teachers and students can rate the techniques as well, this allows you and your peers to give feedback to what techniques are adequate. The technique Library is a tool that integrates with you classroom with ease.

Techniques Meets Trademark Tech

Get new teaching techniques from our signature Technique Library fast and share them with your peers


You can submit a technique to our technique library and get credit for it and share with with Studioso's world wide base of teachers and students

Teaching Tool

Use our Technique Library to teach in class, to a group, or to focus on an individual student. Students can also choose techniques


You can search for a technique in Studioso's Technique Library by tag, title or by content

Free Updates

Studioso's Technique Library is always being updated, improved and added to.


Teachers and students can submit a technique for teaching and or learning to the Technique Library by clicking on the button above!

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