Working Hard to Revolutionize the Music Education Industry.

Studioso's working hard to revolutionize the music education industry. This involves sleepless nights, late night dev meetings, and a little bit of creative genius. We started small with our beta, which we have been out of since Dec 2018. We then from a startup to a company with dreams, hopes, and commitments. We are growing more and more with our Technique Library and are encouraging people to submit to it. Your technique will be validated by the Studioso Team. Coming next week we've got some new features, including but not limited to Practice Calander which tracks the amount of time you practice and puts it in time-variable bubbles - so the more you practice the bigger the circle. The completing of which was a task in its self because of the largely user interface (UI) based side this portion of both the Student and Teacher Studioso app, we had to do extensive Quality Assurance (QA) in order to test this part of the app on all screen sizes big and small and both iOS and Android. We also redesigned a lot of UI feature's in the Android app for both Android Teacher and Student. Making it glamorous, but with more updates to come. Links are below for the updated apps and where to get them.

founders porth and salazar The Founders Ocean Salazar on the left, Charlie Porth on the right.

Image: 2018 MN cup Division Finalist Photo with the founders, Ocean Salazar on the left, Charlie Porth on the right.

Student Android
Teacher Android
Student iOS
Teacher iOS

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How to fix Studioso bugs

Troubleshooting slow PC
No one likes bugs. They're annoying and should, ideally, never occur. Rather than tell you about how Studioso is a young startup still developing our app, we'll cut right to the chase: how to fix these bugs as quickly as possible.

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