What If Every Child Had Access to Music Education?

The Current State of Music Education

How accessible is music education to children? Due to significant budget cuts in America, 1.3 million children don’t have access to a music teacher. Instead of making music a core class in every students’ class schedule, we are pouring money into athletic programs. Granted these sports programs do benefit students, they shouldn’t take priority funding over music education. For example, why should the hockey team get a 1.5 million dollar locker room when the orchestra struggles to repair instruments? Just because someone prefers music over athletics, doesn’t mean they should be held resourceless by their education provider. However, Studioso is donating a part of its profits to organizations try to make music accessible to the younger generation.

Why Music Education is Essential

Why invest in the future generation? Music significantly increases brain development among young children and is a crucial necessity for our brain. In fact, music utilizes three different parts of the brain: motor, visual, and auditory capsules. All three categories are crucial to young children’s development and can provide an opportunity for them to gain an “edge” in society.  According to a study performed by Northwestern University, music improves attention by constantly being able to stimulate the brain for longer periods of time. One of the reasons children struggle with learning difficulties is because their right brain and left brain have a difficult time communicating with one another. Fortunately, music aids the brain transitioning messages from one side to other, helping resolve one of the most important issues in our society today.

Technology to Promote Artistry

“As you begin to realize that every different type of music, everybody’s individual music, has its own rhythm, life, language and heritage, you realize how life changes, and you learn how to be more open and adaptive to what is around us.” – Yo Yo Ma

Technology surrounds us: in the workplace, at home, and ever-increasingly, at school. In recent years, technology has evolved and grown to become integral to all of us. However, advancements in education have remained stagnant for most of that time, and we now see the tech industry playing catch-up, with new tools for teachers and students emerging daily. Although this growth is both necessary and beneficial, developments have only been taking formerly business-oriented tools, such as word processing, spreadsheets, and digital planning, and slightly modifying them to fit some of the needs, and few of the wants of education customers.

Though most current tech applications in education lack purpose and proper execution, technology offers some of the most effective ways for students to interact with peers, connect with teachers, and enhance overall engagement and performance. With a new generation that has known mobile devices for their whole lives, technology plays a crucial role in the engagement of students in and outside of the classroom.

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Music education is the most dynamic field in the education industry. For example, most students and teachers have access to mobile devices that can be utilized to tune instruments, download sheet music, and even listen to endless variations of pieces of music and compositions. A couple decades ago, such functions for a mobile device were unfathomable. Technology has grown to facilitate the lives of musicians and their mentors as more people have entered the ever-changing, lively world of music. A tech-focused learning base has educators and pupils excited and passionate about their future of music education. In Arlington, Virginia, PBS conducted a survey of teachers and asked how they feel about educational technology and the implantation of it: “Seven in 10 teachers surveyed said educational technology allows them to ‘do much more than ever before’ for their students.” The survey also revealed that a vast majority of students report that educational technology motivates them and inspires creativity.

There are numerous ways for a musician to learn and grow. Each musician, teacher, or student, is unique. Yo Yo Ma stated, “As you begin to realize that every different type of music, everybody’s individual music, has its own rhythm, life, language and heritage, you realize how life changes, and you learn how to be more open and adaptive to what is around us.”

Given the vitality and fluidity of music, diverse teaching methods for various learning styles are essential. Therefore, any technological solution must have the flexibility to adapt to various teaching methods and learning styles. The model for passive learning where students enter a classroom, listen to a lecture, leave, and are expected to retain all the information is being phased out. In music education, it is paramount for students to be dynamic in their learning in order to succeed. In music education, students often report frustration and lack of motivation outside of the classroom. They report having trouble remembering their assignments, doubts regarding efficient practice methods, and difficulty tracking their progress to stay motivated. The lack of out-of-classroom resources is one of the leading causes of student frustration. Therefore, as technology is incorporated the classroom, we must equally integrate it outside classroom.

At Studioso, we focused on three values to guide our innovation: flexibility, efficiency, and tradition. First, any new tech application should be seamlessly adaptable to work for any teacher and their teaching style. Second, it should help both teachers and students be more efficient, allowing them to strive for a higher level of artistry. Finally, it should harness the rich traditions of music education, rather than try to replace it. We are elated for the future of music education. With the help and input of music teachers and students of all levels, we have developed an illuminating understanding of the needs and wants of the music education community. Every teacher and student is unique. The key is to provide them the tools they need to thrive in the 21st century.

Every teacher and student is unique. The key is to provide them the tools they need to thrive in the 21st century.

A team of musicians in a new startup, Studioso, have focused on one question: What if the application wasn’t just retrofitted for education, but designed for it from its inception?

At Studioso we have tailored an application to the needs and wants of students and teachers. From the very first line of code—and even over 15,000 lines later一every intention has been to design a unique and original application that maximizes efficacy in music education. We focused on the challenges unique to teachers and students when embarking on this endeavor, and have been building from the ground up with these unique challenges in mind. That allows the user to maximize the potential of technology in their music program through the integration of technology in the classroom.

At Studioso we have developed an app that motivates students and empowers teachers as they advance on their path to self-fulfillment in music. There is nothing quite like Studioso.

About the author:

Ricardo De Saracho has had a passion for music since he could pick up a guitar. He is a Business major and working on minoring in music. Currently, he is Director of Marketing and Sales of Studioso. Ricardo has done extensive research on the history of music and is determined to help passionate musicians, like himself, to find the tools they need in order to prosper in their art.

New Team Member: Lauren Pham

Studioso is bringing on a new team member to bolster our marketing efforts. Lauren Pham, our new Director of Public Relations, Social Media, and Special Projects, is the perfect addition to the team. Having extensive experience in social media marketing, she will refine Studioso’s social media marketing strategy to be precise and effective.

As a blogger, YouTuber, and Instagram influencer, Lauren has much experience in social media marketing. She is adept at creating social media campaigns, fostering partnerships, and maintaining a strong brand. She is going into her second year of college and is part of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society. She is skilled in videography, photography, and content creation.

Team Member Bio: Brendan Will

Studioso is happy to introduce our CLO and Director of Customer Relations, Brendan Will. Brendan is based out of Tuscon Arizona. Having worked in legal and marketing for his entire professional career, he has much experience in the legal , marketing, and sales fields. From his first internship with a San Francisco based legal consulting company to his career at professional marketing firm Sterling, Gould, and Associates, Brendan has built a multi-faceted gauntlet of legal and marketing knowledge. He is eager to be working with such a dynamic and innovative start-up, as Studioso, and looks excitedly to the future to fuel brand growth, and expand sales. Brendan and Ricky met at Sterling, Gould, and Associates, and have since combined their knowledge and skills to become Studioso’s West Coast sales team.

Newest Team Member: Ricardo De Saracho

Studioso is happy to welcome our newest team member, Ricardo (Ricky) De Saracho, a self-driven soon to be businessman. Fresh out of Salpointe Catholic High School and starting his business career at Eller College of Business at the University of Arizona, Ricky is determined to make his mark in a world of innovation. Ricky has owned and successfully managed a marketing and advertising LLC with his business partner. He is currently the director of Sales at Studioso™ LLC and is ready to change the music education industry for the betterment of students and teachers. His priority is to improve his work and make sure that in any deal made, the buyer is satisfied to the upmost.

Ricky will be working with another team member (to be announced) at the NAfME National In-Service Conference to launch Studioso™.

The Future of Music Education

At Studioso, we believe that for Music Education to remain relevant in today’s digital age, it must adopt technological methods to improve student efficiency and motivation. There is no doubt that music education is an intellectually uplifting experience for millions of students around the world. However, it can also be frustrating when students fail to reach their goals. Studioso believes this problem can be solved with technology. We have been creating a smartphone application that connects teachers to their students, optimizes student practice, and enables both the teacher and student to visualize practice progress. We believe that technological integration has the potential to improve music education for both teacher and student. However, we are wary of competitors that attempt to disregard the rich tradition of music education. Newly created services have attempted to replace teachers or diminish their role in the classroom/studio. At Studioso, we believe that the music teacher can not and will not be replaced. Although youtube tutorials have helped many students attempting to self-teach themselves, they are no substitute for a real music teacher. Any innovation in music education must be student centered and empowering for the teacher. We are confident that the Studioso app does just that. Request a Demo to see for yourself!

Expanded Team

The app development process is accelerating. Our Chief Technology Officer, Charlie Porth, has made substantial progress and aims to launch the app on November 1st. Because of this unprecedented pace, Studioso have expanded the team to include Landon Tselepis, Brendan Will, and Luke Langefels. Landon is a skilled marketer who will direct Studioso’s Marketing and Communications operations. Brendan Will has experience with corporate law and will manage Studioso’s legal/regulatory operations. Luke Langefels is a mobile app developer who will build Studioso’s android applications for teacher and student.

With this expansion, Studioso is confident that it will advance its product and business development with speed, efficiency, and effectiveness.


Studioso’s app development has begun. Soon a better musical experience will be in the palm of your hand.