Getting Started

Studioso is quick and easy to integrate into your classroom. It only takes a few minutes.

How to set up

Studioso for Teacher

Before students download Studioso, be sure to set-up your teacher account first!

1) Download the teacher app
2) Create a  teacher account
3) Write down your Teacher ID. This can be found after creating an account in 'Settings'—'Teacher ID'.
4) For your ensemble, go to 'My Groups' then 'Add Group'.
5) Name your group and add sections (Violin 1, Violin 2, etc.)
6) Remember the group code from the "My Groups" screen

How to set up

Studioso for Student

Now your students can download Studioso and begin receiving objectives from you!

1) Download student app
2) Students use your Teacher ID to pair when creating their account
3) Ensemble students go to 'My Groups'—'Join' and search for your group code
4) Students select group and their section, then 'Join Group'
5) Students are now ready to view your objectives, practice, and track progress in real time!


Once students are set up,

  • For ensembles: go to 'My Groups', select your group, select 'Student List', then 'Accept Students', and accept all students into your group
  • For individual students: go to 'My Students', then 'Accept Students', and accept all students


Check our FAQs and documentation to learn how to use Studioso's features

Documentation and Help

Student-to-Teacher Pairing Tutorial