Studioso for Teacher

Studioso for Teacher

Studioso for Teacher is used to communicate with students, track progress, and organize ensembles.

Studioso for Teacher is used to communicate with students, track progress, and organize ensembles.



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Studioso for Teacher is the first music learning app where music teachers can send weekly practice objectives to students using our Weekly Objectives feature, track progress and practice time using our Progress Tracker and Practice Calendar and manage students, ensambles/groups and sections. With Studioso for Teacher can pair with students that use Studioso for Student. Studioso for Teacher allows teachers to communicate instructions outside of the classroom/studio. This allows teachers to connect with students outside of the classroom.

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Studioso for Teacher's unique features facilitate teaching and organization.

Clear Communication

Teachers can communicate Practice Objectives using our Weekly Objectives feature. Studioso Weekly Objectives are containing instructions, technical focus, and practice goals to your students to help them get on track.

Individual Student Organization

At the touch of a button, view all your students' objectives, progress, practice times, and recording assignments.

Group Student Organization

Studioso is compatible with band, orchestra, and choir ensembles! Assign objectives and recordings, and track progress by group and by section.

Recording Assignments

Post, listen to, and grade recording assignments from students posting grades became easy.

Progress Visualization

Keep students accountable and motivated by automatically tracking progress and practice charts.


Truly Universal

Facilitating the lives of teachers no matter what device they use.

Truly Universal
iOS Compatible

Android Compatible

macOS Compatible

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Chrome Compatible

Entirely Cloud-Based

All communication is cloud based, ultra-fast, syncable and secure!

All Group Sizes

Studioso is compatible with private instruction, large ensembles, and everything in-between.

Single Sign-In

Users can access all platforms with one account!