The Studioso Mission

At Studioso, our mission is to improve the lives of music students and teachers. We believe the best way to do this is through technology. That is why Ocean Salazar founded Studioso LLC in March of 2017. With a team of 7 musicians, marketers, and app developers, Studioso is creating an app to connect music students to their teachers in a way that enhances the learning experience and facilitates the lives of teachers. Through enabling clear communication, efficient practice, and progress visualization, Studioso is eliminating student frustration, encouraging motivation, and fostering students’ love of music. However, Studioso is more than just an app. We are a company with a higher purpose of expanding the accessibility of music education. That is why Studioso donates part of our profits to expand music education accessibility.

Clear Communication: Bridging the Gap

Studioso enables teachers to clearly communicate their weekly objectives to their students and track their practice and progress throughout the week. Bridging the communication gap is essential to bringing music education into the future. For so long music educators have been limited to just the classroom, even though the majority of time students spend on their instrument is at home or outside of the classroom. For both students and teachers to be more competitive in the 21st century, teachers must evolve to have a music piano handspresence both in and out of the classroom. Studies have shown that practice frustration is one of the leading causes for students to quit their instruments. For example, within 2-3 years of starting piano lessons, 80% of students quit. On top of that, most of those who quit, regret it! What is most fascinating is that the leading cause for quitting is “lost interest” and “didn’t want to learn anymore”. What is revealing about these reasons is that they are not actual causes. For a student to lose interest or will to learn and instrument is not caused by time, but by other factors. A major of one these factors is practice frustration. Practice frustration is primarily caused by two factors. First, students often forget what to practice at home, and second, students lack efficient practice methods. Through Studioso’s Weekly Objectives feature, teachers can easily communicate instructions on warmups and repertoire. This way, when students go home and practice, there is no confusion and they can utilize every minute of practice on the objectives set by their teacher.

Efficient Practice: The Road to Artistry

pexels photoStudioso has done something indisputably revolutionary in the music education. It has created a Technique Library, written entirely by music educators, to empower students with the most efficient practice methods. As many software solutions attempt to replace or diminish the teacher’s role in music education with tutorials and recording recognition software, Studioso has taken the opposite direction. We firmly believe that no amount of technology can ever replace the profound impact and connection of the student-teacher bond. That is why we have created a system that works through teachers and not instead of them. The Technique Library is not meant to replace a good teacher’s instruction. Rather, it complements instruction by ensuring students have the foundation they need to utilize practice time efficiently and the resource they need to power through any roadblocks or difficulties in their repertoire. The Technique Library consists of techniques that are both instrument specific and general in nature. For example, a Galamian speed exercises can be used by any musician, even a vocalist. Alternatively, a relaxed left hand to improve high speed playing is used mainly by string players. As Studioso expands, you can be sure that there is something for you, even if we don’t have specific practice techniques for your instrument yet.

Progress Visualization: Motivation and Accountability

pexels photoFor the first time ever, with the Studioso Progress Tracker, both students and teachers can easily visualize practice and progress on objective completion throughout the week. When a weekly objective is created, the teacher can choose a target for how many times they would like the student to practice the warmup or repertoire that week. Progress is measured by how many times a student practices a given objective, not how long. Because the vast majority of teachers favor consistent practice over “cramming”, practicing for long periods right before a lesson, the Progress Tracker is the best way to measure weekly growth. In the Studioso Progress Tracker, students and teachers can access weekly practice logs that are automatically synced with the completion of each practice session. These practice logs, displayed in easy to read charts, offer the teacher valuable insight and the student a way to look back and improve. As mentioned earlier, students quit their instruments at very high rates, citing “lost interest”. At Studioso, we continue to hold firm the belief that interest in music never dies. It is motivation that wanes and grows throughout a musician’s career. So many young music students experience a sense of lost direction when they can’t look back to see the progress they have achieved. This leads to lost motivation and eventual dejection with music as a whole. This doesn’t have to be the case. Studioso is determined to enable musicians to achieve their full potential. The Progress Tracker is the final part of the Studioso solution. By fostering accountability through the teacher and the student, they can both focus on artistry, rather than sufficiency.